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Great Food Shots, Fast


I approach food shoots differently from most photographers. Chefs hate wasting food and spending days shooting gets expensive.

I shoot on the fly—no more than 45 seconds with each dish—and what’s shot can be eaten. No fakery, shelac or inedible styling.

Goofing Around with Models


Marvin & Nelson are always fun to shoot with. They can deliver almost any look necessary for the client, and the outtakes are fantastic—and sometimes get used for product!

We always get the shots we need—and have a lot of fun doing it!

The Fine Art Side of My Work


On top of work for freelance clients, headshots & dog photo sessions, I often concept my own fine art photography. Sometimes with a model, sometimes just featuring a location.

I always have my camera with me and capture what I see as I travel. If it’s beautiful to me, and feels art worth, it ends up in the store.

A Relaxed, Easy Going Process

For portrait, lifestyle, boudoir, candids—and other shoots involving people—I always meet with the client or model first. Generally, we have coffee or lunch and just talk about the concept for the shoot and how the day will go.

From there, I develop a shot list and share it with the client or model, and we refine it to ensure we’re both on the same page and ready for the shoot. It helps ensure that we’re both prepared—and can relax and make great pictures.

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